Delete row with delete method

Use the delete method to delete a table row.

  table =>'book',
  where => {id => 1},

Specify the target table with table . Specify the condition of the row to be deleted with where . Where can be a hash reference or a DBIx::Custom::Where object.

The following SQL is issued:

delete from book where id =?;

The corresponding value is embedded in the placeholder.

Delete method options

The delete method can use all the options of " execute method". It also implements the following options.

Specifying conditions by ID id

You can specify the condition by ID by using the id option. The primary_key must be set.

id => 4
id => [4, 5]

Suppose you want to execute a delete like the one below.

  primary_key => ['id1','id2'],
  id => [4, 5],
  table =>'book',

This is the same as delete below.

$dbi->delete(where => {id1 => 4, id2 => 5}, table =>'book');

prefix prefix

Use the prefix option to set a string between delete and from table.

prefix =>'some'

For example, the following SQL is executed.

delete some from book

table name table

Specify the table name with the table option.

table =>'book'

Where clause where

Use the where option to write a Where clause.

where => {author =>'Ken','title' =>'Perl'}
where => [
  ['and',': author {=}',': title {like}'],
  {author =>'Ken', title =>'%Perl%'}

See "where option" in " select method" for how to specify the where option. See Dynamic Where Clause Generation for more information on Where clause generation.

Delete all lines delete_all

Use the delete_all method to delete all the rows in the table. The delete method cannot delete all rows for safety reasons, so use the delete_all method.

$dbi->delete_all(table =>'book');

Specify the target table with table .

The following SQL is issued:

delete from book;

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